The One Where Ross Finds Out He Has a Cat Doppelganger

By Kelli Bender
February 14, 2017 05:22 PM
Credit: NBC/Getty

This is the One Where Ross Has a Cat Doppelgänger.

A simple Tweet from a cat owner has turned her feline into a sensation across Twitter.

Back in January, user @watrprks posted two photos of her feline Buddy along with the text “my cat is ugly.”

First of all, no cat is ugly, this one included. All felines are glorious, beautiful, magical meowing gifts from the universe. So, while this kitty doesn’t look ugly, he certainly looks like something, or more specifically someone.

It took a month to figure it out, but Twitter user @gratiartis nailed it when he retweeted the cat’s picture on Feb. 13, with the commentary, “why does this cat look like ross geller.”

For those somehow unfamiliar with the name, Ross Geller is David Schwimmer’s character on the hit show Friends. The simple tweet forced thousands of Friends fans hiding in the cracks of the Internet to emerge and shout in unison, “YES! This is cat Ross Geller.”

The photo of this not-ugly, famous-looking cat now has over 15,000 likes, which we hope makes Buddy very happy.