A young female cat who likes playing in sinks could have been the culprit

Credit: Getty

It wasn’t me!

That’s what several cats from the Florida Humane Society must be saying following a flood at the shelter after one of the feline residents there turned on a tap.

According to The Miami Herald, a cat who is known to play in sinks apparently turned on a water faucet at the shelter, left it running for 17 hours, and flooded parts of the facility.

“We can’t be sure which cat did it, because we don’t have cameras in there, but we have a good idea because there was one younger female cat who really liked playing in sinks,” said volunteer Terry Arbour. “There was a tall spout in that sink that moves around, and the cat somehow was able to turn it on. It’s possible there was collusion from others, but she probably had something to do with it.”

Humane Society president Carol Ebert received a call early in the morning last Thursday, informing her that water was running out the back door of the facility and onto the road, the Herald said. They would come to find three to four inches of standing water in parts of the shelter, which caused damaged to floors, cabinets and walls. Eight rooms in all were affected, and bags of cat food and litter had to be trashed.

The price tag on all this damage? About $5,000.

Arbour told the newspaper that the facility is seeking donations via their website or by phone, call 954-974-6152.

“It’s quite a mess,” Arbour added. “And we can’t imagine what our next water bill is going to look like.”