Cat Trapped in Mattress Returns Home

Kitten survives weeklong adventure inside an old mattress

Who would’ve thought a new mattress could cause so much trouble? When Anne (right) and Wayne Crews of Virginia had a new bed delivered to their home, their old mattress and box spring were hauled off. As they started setting up their furniture, two of their three cats, Zoie and Miss Patty, began behaving erratically – and their third cat, Autumn, was missing completely. The Crews called their mattress-moving service, but no one had seen their two-year-old feline. Days went by without any word of an Autumn sighting, and the Crews began to give up hope. Until a fateful phone call changed everything.

As Wilbert Davis was preparing to do his daily job of carting old beds to a landfill near Williamsburg, Va., he felt something move within the Crews’ old box spring. “My spirit told me something wasn’t right,” he told local news outlets. Davis found Autumn stuck inside the box spring, scared, but unharmed. “I saw a purple collar. That’s when I knew it was a pet,” said Davis. “I was so shocked.” He phoned his manager, who put two and two together and called the mattress company to help track down the cat’s owners. In the meantime, Davis tended to Autumn, feeding her and giving her fresh water. The cat arrived back at the Crews’ home by delivery truck later that week, and was given the all-clear by her vet. According to the Crews, Zoie and Miss Patty are “ecstatic” to have their buddy back.

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