Itty-Bitty Kitty Trapped in Car Engine for Three Days Saved by California Firefighters

Firefighters named the kitten Lexus after the car the baby cat was rescued from

Photo: San Miguel Fire District

The cat’s out of the Lexus!

A tiny kitten who spent three days caught in a car engine is finally free.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Adrienne Koroly parked his Lexus in front of his parents’ Moreno Valley, California, home on Saturday and heard a faint meowing sound when he stepped out of the car.

After a little investigating, Koroly figured out the the little mews were coming from under the hood of his vehicle. For three days he and his parents worked to coax out the feline, stuck somewhere inside the car, using milk and food.

After 72 hours and no cat, Koroly visited San Miguel Fire District Station 15 (in a different car) and asked for help.

Soon thereafter, Firefighters arrived in their truck to assist Koroly and his family. The rescue group discovered the meows were coming from a tiny kitten stuck under the car’s engine compartment.

San Miguel Fire District

To remove the animals, firefighters used air bags to lift the car up, so they could scoot under the vehicle and safely remove several parts and then, finally, the feline.

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After an hour of work, the firefighters freed the tiny grey and white kitten and named it Lexus.

San Miguel Fire District

The rescuers brought the kitten to an animal control officer for a check up. Even after three days inside an engine, the baby cat was given a clean bill of health and was adopted by one of Koroly’s neighbors shortly after getting the good news.

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