Model Gets Tattoo of her Feline Using Ink Made Out of her Cat's Hair (and You Can Too!)

The service is provided by Swiss company Skin46 which turns human and animal hair into tattoo ink

Photo: Tattoo Artist Roman Abrego/Model Kathrin Toelle

Kathrin Toelle’s cat is truly part of the Germany-based model now.

According to The Sun, Toelle, whose modeling name is Makani Terror, recently got a large, colorful thigh tattoo of her feline Gizmo from tattoo artist Roman Abrego at Artistic Element Tattoo in Yucaipa, California. While it’s not unusual for pet owners to get a permanent tribute honoring their pets inked on their body, Toelle’s was a little different.

Her tattoo was created by using ink made out of Gizmo the cat’s fur. This hair-raising option is offered by a Switzerland tattoo service known as Skin46. The company extracts medically clean organic carbon from the human or animal hair sent in by clients and transforms the material into tattoo ink.

Tattoo Artist Roman Abrego/Model Kathrin Toelle

Toelle sent five grams of hair from her 10-year-old Maine Coon cat to the Swiss lab and was sent back the ink. This process costs around $700 and does not include the price of the tattoo. Each batch of hair (or fur) sent in is turned into enough ink for 30 small tattoos or 10 larger ones.

Tattoo Artist Roman Abrego/Model Kathrin Toelle

Many who have used Skin46’s service have done so to get ink made from the hair of a deceased individual near and dear to the person getting the tattoo.

Tattoo Artist Roman Abrego/Model Kathrin Toelle

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Toelle, who has another cat, says she would consider getting another feline fur tattoo in the future because she enjoys the connection it provides her to her pets.

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