Poppy's owner believes the cat snuck into the machine while she was switching out loads of laundry

Credit: Animal Medical Centre

Poppy’s cat nap quickly turned into a fight for her life.

According to a Facebook post from the Animal Medical Centre in Launceston, Tasmania, the black-and-white cat accidentally dozed off in a full washing machine and went unnoticed by her owners when they went to do laundry.

Kim Burr, the cat’s owner, explained to ABC News, that she was doing laundry when she and her family realized they couldn’t find Poppy anywhere. After searching the entire house, cupboards and all, they realized Poppy was in the front-loading washer and got to her before the machine’s spin cycle started.

“Meet poor little Poppy who miraculously survived a full wash cycle!” the animal hospital wrote in their post. “Poppy’s distressed owners phoned Dr Lisa Towns for an after-hours consultation after finding her in the washing machine at the end of a full 30 minute cycle – ALIVE!”

“I think she must’ve gotten in between me moving the washing basket out and getting the second load in,” Burr told ABC News.

“I didn’t see the kitten anywhere [but] she must’ve been somewhere close by and jumped in as I moved the baskets and put another load of washing in,” she added.

Miraculously, when the Burr family brought the cat in, veterinarians found no broken bones. Poppy arrived at the hospital cold and disoriented, but left with no permanent damage. She did have water in her lungs, a head injury and several bruises.

Poppy spent two days resting and receiving fluids at the hospital and is now back home with her family.

The veterinarians who treated Poppy are amazed that the cat didn’t drown during the wash cycle.

“We hope Poppy learnt her lesson and now realizes the washing machine certainly isn’t a cosy place to sleep!” the hospital added on Facebook.

Burr said that Poppy quickly returned to normal and holds no grudges against her family for the washing machine accident.

“She’s fully recovered back to her old ways of running and jumping off couches. You wouldn’t know what she went through,” the cat mom said.