Cat Survives Colorado Wildfire After Escaping to Porch of Only Home Left Standing After Blaze

"[I] can't imagine what he saw through his little kitty eyes — had to have been quite terrifying," the cat owner's Camden Hall said

Merlin the cat

A cat badly burned in the recent wildfires in Colorado is recovering after being found on the porch of the only home left standing in his neighborhood following the blaze. His unlikely survival is described as nothing short of "magical."

"Merlin has lived up to his namesake. Little wizard, little magician," said the feline's owner Camden Hall.

Speaking to WTHR on Tuesday, Hall recalled the moment he learned his cat Merlin had been caught in the middle of the Marshall Fire, which swept through the town of Superior, Colorado, and the cities of Louisville, Broomfield, and unincorporated parts of Boulder County in December.

On Dec. 30, Hall was working at Eldora Mountain when he received the call from his landlord informing him that he lost everything — his home and its contents — in the Marshall Fire.

"I pulled off to the side of the trail so I could take a call, and that's when my landlord told me that it was just all gone," Hall said, adding that he was uncertain whether or not his beloved kitty had a means of escape from his home.

"I was like 99% sure that I had left the sliding door open. However, I remember opening it and closing it, and I was like, wait — did I open it again?" he questioned.

Lucky for Merlin, he managed to get out of Hall's home before it was destroyed. The Soul Dog Rescue group had boots on the ground after the fire, scouring the area for any lost and injured animals; They found the ailing feline. Rescuers discovered the pet resting on the porch of the only home left standing after the blaze burned through the area near Hall's house.

The rescue group's Facebook post about the cat described the fur baby as "a severely burned kitty" that was "burned beyond recognition."

"[I] can't imagine what he saw through his little kitty eyes — had to have been quite terrifying," Hall said.

At the time, even the cat owner questioned if the feline found by Soul Dog Rescue was Merlin, but the cat's identity was verified through his microchip, which was also used to track down Hall.

Merlin has a long road of healing ahead. He's still recovering from burns to his face and paws at the Northside Emergency Pet Clinic. But Hall and his family are certain the lucky kitty has more lives in him.

"Since he's magical Merlin, he's probably got more than nine," said Hall. "I have Merlin, and everything's gonna be okay."

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