Cat Survives 6 Days Caught in the Rubble of Italy Earthquake

Joy the cat survived the 6.4 magnitude earthquake and the aftershocks that destroyed her home

Photo: Earthquake cat

The death toll of the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that recently hit central Italy has risen to the hundreds, but one little cat persevered.

According to The Independent, a pet kitty named Joy was stuck in the rubble left by the natural disaster for over six days before she was found by rescuers.

Joy’s owner, Daniela of Amatrice, Italy, was unable to find the feline when she was fleeing her home in the midst of the quake. Daniela made the tough decision to save herself and come back for Joy.

The owner’s rescue attempts were stalled due to after shocks that caused her home and much of Amatrice to crumble. After six days of separation from Joy, Daniela feared the worse. Thankfully, a professional rescue team, who knew to look for the pet, spotted the frightened feline while clearing rubble with a bulldozer.

The cat was quickly corralled, secured and given water. Italy’s animal protection agency, ENPA, who examined the cat on site said the furry survivor was dehydrated when she was found, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Daniela, who lost her home in the earthquake, has been reunited with one of her most valuable possessions.

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