February 07, 2013 09:15 PM

Paging Destiny’s Child! Natasha, a Siberian Forest cat from Oakland, Calif., is a survivor alright.

The sixth-month-old feline spent 35 minutes trapped inside a washing machine cycle but managed to make it out alive.

Having emerged with a severe case of hypothermia, Natasha was brought to an animal hospital by her owner, Daryl Humdy. Her reason for admission led her to receive the “Most Unusual Claim Award” by the company Veterinary Pet Insurance.

“My roommate was loading his laundry and left the lid to the washing machine open while he went to the next room to grab more clothes,” Humdy said in a statement. “He came back, threw his clothes in and shut the lid to the washing machine without realizing that Natasha had jumped into it while he had been away.”

Despite the mishap, Natasha made a full recovery and is now back to her usual tricks in the pair’s apartment – with one exception.

“My roommate and I are much more cautious around the house now, because we would hate for her to have to go through something like that again,” Humdy said, admitting that Natasha “had always been very curious about the washing machine.”

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