After a 28-mile journey caught between the blades of a truck, the cat was found alive

By Maria Yagoda
Updated July 02, 2015 06:30 PM

Pickup truck engines aren’t cozy.

Nor are they known for being hospitable to kittens. Yet one young cat managed to get itself stuck inside the engine of a Mars Chocolate North America pickup truck, CBS New York reports, and it miraculously survived a 30-minute journey.

Hackettstown police were called at 7:30 a.m. from the Mars parking lot when the orange and white cat was found trapped in the truck’s fan blades, meaning that the cat had climbed into the engine at the employee’s home in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, – and survived a 28-mile ride across state lines to Hackettstown, New Jersey.

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The Hackettstown Department of Public Works and Mars Chocolate employees worked together to free the kitten, who immediately ran off. The police caught up with the cat and turned it over to animal control, perfectly unharmed.