PHOTOS: Rescuers Work Together to Help Cat Stuck in SUV Dashboard

It was a "team effort" getting Boots the cat out of a tight spot

Photo: Mark Thomas Motors

Boots the cat is out of Dodge — the Dodge Journey he found himself stuck inside of on Wednesday, that is.

According to a post shared that day by Mark Thomas Motors in Albany, Oregon, the cat crawled inside the vehicle to escape a house fire.

Mark Thomas Motors

“Our guys definitely had to put in careful work today after the kitty sought shelter inside a dodge journey from a house fire!” said the post, which included several photos of the rescuers deconstructing the car’s dashboard. “Luckily Mr Kitty is ok!! Nice work guys!”

The car dealership’s general manager told PEOPLE in an email that the rescue was a true demonstration of teamwork.

Mark Thomas Motors

“It was unreal how bad the cat was stuck in that dash, our team performed miracles how fast they got that dashboard apart to get that poor kitty out, it was a great team effort and I am very proud of everyone,” said Mark Patrzik.

It took several hours to get Boots out, but he is now safe with his owners (though it’s unclear whether it was their home that was on fire, and what state the house is in now).

“No charge to the customer,” Patrzik wrote in a comment on the Facebook post, “it’s the least we can do in that situation!!”

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