There were many cheers for this kitty who was pulled out of a river last week

By Amy Jamieson
May 09, 2017 02:18 PM

Cats and water: two natural-born enemies.

Thankfully, someone spotted this cat struggling in Dublin’s River Liffey on Thursday and tossed him a life-preserver — and he figured out how to use it to escape the water’s wrath!

Watch as the cat is slowly lifted to safety while onlookers cheer.

There’s a second video that was filmed from across the river and shared by SoundMigration on YouTube, who described the scene as “heart stopping stuff.”

“I walked over the bridge and around the other side of the river only to see a man drop down a life ring with some adaption,” says that video’s caption. “I could just make out an animal, which turned out to be a cat. The cat [grabbed] onto the ring and was slowly hoisted up as the view crowd became hushed. Once pulled out the man raises up the cat to raptures of applauses.”

The Daily Edge reports that in March another cat required some assistance getting out of the River Liffey, too.

The Dublin SPCA shared a photo of the wet feline following that rescue (likely not the cat’s purr-oudest moment).