This Cat Sounds Like He's Meowing 'Well, Hi' in a Southern Accent — and He's Going Viral

The clip of the Southern-accented kitty was uploaded to TikTok and Instagram

The internet has a new viral cat sensation — and this one has a Southern accent!

A video of an orange feline meowing in what sounds like a Southern accent recently went viral on TikTok, with more than 1.4 million likes as of Wednesday. The video shows the cat — named Gambino — running away from the camera into the kitchen, before popping out from behind the fridge to meow at the person holding the camera.

In the clip, Gambino’s meow sounds just like the words, “Well, hi!” said in a thick Southern accent.

Gambino’s owner shared the clip of his accented meow to TikTok and Instagram, where it delighted viewers.

“I keep thinking about the cat that said ‘well hi’ in a southern accent I hope he’s doing well,” one user tweeted on Tuesday.

Another added: “I would lay down my life for this tiny southern cat.”

Other photos of Gambino on his owner’s Instagram account show him posing on his cat tree, lounging in the sun and hanging out with his feline sibling, named Tom Petty.

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