The young feline, who was apparently shot twice near a mobile home park, is "tolerating bandages changes really well," says a rescuer

By Amy Jamieson
April 11, 2017 03:33 PM
CATS Cradle Shelter/Facebook

He’d likely been shot a couple of days before Gail Ventzke met him, but that didn’t stop Bullet, as he’s being called, from greeting her with purrs on April 5.

“Surprisingly he was doing pretty well,” recalls Ventzke, co-founder of the Cats Cradle Shelter in Fargo, North Dakota, which received a call from a mobile home park manager about an injured cat. “It was a leg wound but he couldn’t put any weight on the leg or paw. He was very sweet, he was purring, he’s a really nice cat.”

Ventzke tells PEOPLE that the shelter frequently gets calls from mobile park managers in rural areas who are trying to find homes for animals abandoned there. Sadly, Bullet had been shot, and suffered four wounds from what appeared to have been two bullets.

As detailed in a Facebook post shared by the shelter, the cat had injuries including a fractured olecranon of the ulna bone.

On Thursday, the young cat — who is being treated by Dr. Charly Stansbery DVM at Red Barn Veterinary Services in Sheldon — had surgery to remove bone fragments near his elbow and wrist that were causing infection and pain, and is in isolation right now because of some suspicious skin legions (most likely ringworm).

Even through it all, it sounds like Bullet has been a purr-fect patient — probably because on some level he knows his rescuers are trying to help him. “He’s tolerating bandage changes really well,” Ventzke says. “He’s being very cooperative.”

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It is believed that Bullet will recover, likely with a gait issue, and it’s possible he could face arthritis later in life, but given what happened to him, that’s a great prognosis.

“He may have used up a couple of his nine lives with those bullets but he’s going to be just fine,” Ventzke tells PEOPLE, adding that he won’t be available to adopt for some time but inquiries will be accepted.

To help pay for Bullet’s continuing care, donate to the shelter via their website.