MS!MAKE SURE Scratching Posts for Indoor Cats Premium Scratch Sisal

Psst! This Scratching Post for Cats Is Selling Out Thanks to a Secret Amazon Coupon

It even doubles as a side table
By Nina Huang
July 08, 2021 07:00 AM
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Most cat parents know how difficult it is to keep vases unbroken, plant leaves unchewed, and brand new furniture free of scratches with a cat around — especially with wooden furniture that our furry friends just can't resist clawing or gnawing. Cats scratch to mark territory, to sharpen and remove frayed claws, or simply while they're stretching, and according to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, "the best tactic when dealing with scratching is not to try to stop your cat from scratching, but instead to teach [them] where and what to scratch." 

A good way to prevent furniture damage, the ASPCA notes, is to give cats something appropriate for their claws like a scratching post — such as this scratching mat that doubles as an end table. It features a metal frame, a rounded top, and a detachable sisal scratching mat that connects to the top with hook and loop strips, and it can be configured in three ways using the included clips. As a scratching post, the top is connected vertically to the frame with the sisal mat facing outwards, but to turn it into a side table, all you have to do is clip it onto the frame horizontally with the sisal mat facing down. 

Buy It! MS!Make Sure Scratching Post in Green for Indoor Cats, $59.99 with coupon (orig. $69.99);

You can also attach the top horizontally with the sisal mat facing up to the bottom of the frame to create a place for your cat to lie and rest on, and attach a toy to the top of the frame to keep kittens entertained, too. Placed at the side of sofas or beds, the scratching post serves as a clever distraction for cats who tend to claw at furniture. Plus, it comes in two colors to match your decor.

Amazon shoppers can get the scratcher for $10 less right now by applying the coupon just below the price, and it's been selling out quickly. In fact, both color options of the scratching post are currently out of stock and listed as coming back soon, but you can still order them now with the discount — you'll just have to wait a little longer than usual for yours to arrive. 

One shopper wrote that they got the scratching post to save their leather sofa from claw marks, while another reviewer said it helped them keep their bed frame damage-free. "The scratch pad saved my bed frame!" they wrote. "My cat just cannot stop scratching my bed frame, and after I put this scratch pad by the end of my bed, my cat just scratches on it."

The MS!Make Sure scratcher is "awesome" for cats and "so versatile," according to shoppers — and it's one that you'll want to get now while it's on sale. Shop the scratching post on Amazon for just $60.

Buy It! MS!Make Sure Scratching Post in Tan for Indoor Cats, $59.99 with coupon (orig. $69.99);

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