Lake Oswego resident Sandi Martin adopted her cat Lilly from the Cat Adoption Team (CAT) in Sherwood, Oregon
cat detects gas leak
Credit: KGW News/ Youtube

One Oregon family has their feline friend to thank for saving their lives.

Last week, Lake Oswego resident Sandi Martin was spending time in her living room with her cat Lilly when the animal was attracted to a smell and went to go sniff a valve near the room's fireplace, according to a report from NBC-affiliate KGW.

Curious at what Lilly was smelling, Martin leaned down to sniff the same spot as the feline. Martin picked up the smell of natural gas near the area that grabbed her cat's attention.

"I went over and sniffed and there was a natural gas smell," Martin told the outlet. "It was very faint so I didn't really trust my nose."

"Then I asked my husband to sniff it, and he sniffed it too," she added.

Aware of the scent and where it was coming from, Martin's husband then called their gas company, which instructed them to shut off everything in the room and open the doors.

An employee with the gas company, NW Natural, got to the pair's home within 20 minutes, despite there being a snowstorm, KGW added.

"He came in and tested it and, in fact, he said it was a dangerous gas leak," Martin said. "So, then he tested all the other sources of gas and went outside and cut off the pipe to the gas there and capped it off and shut down the fireplace. She might have saved our lives."

According to KGW, Lilly's gas-smelling feat wasn't the first time that the adorable cat helped her family. Martin told the outlet that she found herself in a dark place during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic because she wasn't able to spend time with her family.

In response, Martin decided to adopt Lilly from Cat Adoption Team (CAT) in Sherwood. Lilly pulled Martin out of her funk and helped her deal with the stress and uncertainty of the current health crisis.