Idaho Falls Animal Shelter/Facebook
May 04, 2017 04:30 PM

Slick the cat of Idaho Falls, Idaho, managed to slide past a dangerous situation.

The 7-year-old feline was found doused in motor oil and on death’s door after ingesting so much of the toxic substance while cleaning it off his coat, reports KTLA 5.

Once the orange tabby was found, then nearly black from the oil, he was taken to Idaho Falls Animal Shelter for treatment. Veterinarians immediately sedated, bathed and shaved the feline to remove the remaining oil, then hooked him up to IV fluids to flush out the remaining oil in his system.

Throughout this entire ordeal, Slick has remained friendly and upbeat, easily winning over the hearts of his caregivers and donors.

Thanks to the generosity of animal lovers who saw Slick’s story on Facebook, the shelter has received enough donations to cover all of the cat’s care.

These efforts have already had a positive effect on Slick: Thanks to treatment, the cat is now on the road to recovery and is expected to make a full recovery with little to no kidney damage from ingesting the oil.

The shelter and Idaho Falls Animal Services are now focused on finding out who did this to Slick, and have some leads on who his abuser may be. Anyone who has information should call 208-612-8671.


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