Cats Are Quarantine Heroes, Keeping Their Owners Happy During the Pandemic, Survey Finds

According to Royal Canin's new survey, cat owners also used this time at home to learn more about their pets

bonding with cat
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Are cats quarantine's unlikely heroes?

A new survey says "Yes!" Royal Canin, a global cat food company, recently conducted a survey of 2,000 American cat owners on their relationships with their pets during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic quarantine and other subjects.

The survey found that over half (57%) of the cat owners polled felt less alone during quarantine with close to 49% stating that their pets helped to lower their anxiety over the past few months.

Cat owners are also getting closer to their pets over quarantine, with 64% of those surveyed responding that they recently discovered a new place their pet likes to explore. From the same group, over 54% found a new favorite food for their furry friend and 34% came up with a new beloved game or toy.

Thanks to this extra time inside with their pets, 76% of the cat owners surveyed felt like they have become closer to their pets overall during the COVID-19 quarantine.

This extended time at home has also encouraged the adoption and fostering of additional pets, cats included. Royal Canin's survey discovered that 61% of participants either adopted or fostered a pet during the pandemic.

Royal Canin isn't the only one to spot an increase in pet adoption and fostering, numerous shelters found their cages totally empty for the first time during the pandemic because of the surge of animal lovers looking to adopt or foster as a way of getting a little extra companionship during quarantine, while also helping a pet in need.

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