Winslow's musician owner taught the cat how to "play" the little instrument to curb the feline's habit of "screaming" for attention

Many know the song "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" by piano man Billy Joel. Well, get ready for "Scenes from the Kitchen Floor."

That is where Winslow the piano-playing pussycat tickles the ivories. Before picking up the unique hobby, the seven-year-old tabby "used to run around screaming all the time" whenever he wanted something, Winslow's owner, Kate Nyx, told The Independent.

Nyx, a musician in Philadelphia, decided to find a way to curb her cat's whiny behavior. Since the pet had always shown an interest in a tiny toy piano Nyx got off Ebay, his owner put the instrument near the cat's food bowl in the kitchen and started training Winslow to play it any time he had something to say.

"He learned that I encourage moving his paws up and down the keyboard, so he does that when he really wants something," Nyx shared.

Instead of yowling, Winslow now hits the keys, creating what sounds like the feline interpretation of jazz, when he wants to eat, needs his litter scooped, or just requires a little attention. This means there are regular piano shows at the cat's kitchen floor club.

cat piano
Credit: SWNS

"It’s his alarm system in general," Nyx said Winslow's relationship with the little instrument.

Picking up this new hobby if just one of the ways Winslow has transformed over the years. Nyx adopted Winslow when he was just eight weeks old after he was found abandoned and fighting a dog in a back garden.

"He was scarred up, covered in dirt, we had to teach him how to eat dry food and he had a serious case of ringworm," the owner said of how the cat looked when she first met him.

Now, "he’s transformed into a chaotic gentleman."