December 08, 2015 06:28 PM

Ginger is back where she belongs, in the arms of her loving owners Nancy and Stephen Payne. 

According to The Associated Press, the orange tabby went missing 8 years ago when she ran away from home as a kitten. 

Ginger somehow survived life on the streets of Novato, California, recently finding a friend in shop owner Rick Benson. Marin Humane Society spokeswoman Lisa Bloch said Benson had been feeding the friendly stray hanging out by his business for two months when he decided to take the cat in for a checkup. 

The vet trip revealed the kitty was microchipped, and a quick scan showed the now fully-grown Ginger belonged to the Paynes. The couple joyfully reunited with their long lost pet on Wednesday. 

“We’ve had these types of reunions a lot, which is wonderful,” Bloch told SF Gate. “Eight years is definitely a record. It speaks volumes about how important microchips are.”

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