August 12, 2015 06:15 PM

Smokey the Bear and Ruthie Rosemary the cat must be best buds.

The fortunate feline managed to survive a lightning-sparked forest fire in Northern California, which destroyed her home and 22,312 acres of land, reports The Los Angeles Times.

When the fire started creeping towards Debi and Jeff Brusatori’s Hayfork residence, the couple packed up Ruthie Rosemary and some belongings in their car and fled. Unfortunately, during the drive, the calico jumped out of the vehicle and ran off toward the fire, forcing the Brusatoris to leave her behind.

Five days later, after accepting that their pet had perished, the couple returned to their home to see what could be salvaged. While looking at the burnt remains of their house, the Brusatoris heard a familiar meow come from a charred truck. After several minutes of searching the area, they found Ruthie Rosemary hiding under the vehicle.

The forest fire had melted the metal of the truck, but it only singed the cat. Ruthie sustained no serious injuries from her time amid the flames, aside from a few scorched whiskers.

Who says a phoenix rising from the ashes always has to be a bird?

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