Cat Interrupts Premier League Soccer Game, Dominates Field for Close to 4 Minutes

The black cat ran from one end of the pitch to the other before being corralled out of the stadium

We already have the Kitten Bowl, but now it looks like one feline is campaigning for the Kitty Cup.

According to the Evening Standard, a black cat found their way onto the field at Goodison Park stadium in Liverpool, England, during a Premier League match between Everton F.C. and Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

The “moggy” spent close to four minutes showing the players how it’s done by weaving through obstacles to make it from one end of the pitch to the other uninterrupted.

The game’s commentators had fun with the second half interloper, reports the BBC, offering play-by-play commentary of the pussycat’s moves with lines like ” “it looks like a fully grown … cat. He drops a shoulder, jinks one way, goes another.”

The crowd at the stadium cheered on the feline as it evaded security and the few players who tried to catch it. Eventually, the kitty was corralled off the field and into the hearts and minds of the Internet.

Black cats are considered to be good luck in the U.K., but only Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. seems to have benefitted from the feline’s fortunate appearance. After play resumed following the cat’s interruption, the team went on to beat Everton F.C. 3 to 1.

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