Animal Control Warns People to Check Their Trash After Cat Gets Head Stuck in Plastic Lid

Providence Animal Control says you should always make a cut in anything circular before throwing it out

Photo: Nathan Campagna/Facebook

Curiosity can lead cats to all kinds of strange places, including into your trash.

According to WPRI, a stray feline in Providence, Rhode Island, found their way into some garbage that included the lid to a plastic container. The black-and-white cat managed to get his stuck in a hole in the lid.

Providence Animal Control learned about the cat’s predicament and reached out to trapper Nathan Campagna for helped rounding up the pet, so the animal could receive treatment.

“Wth my custom trap and 3.5 hours of patience, we got him. Tupper got his name because he had a lid stuck around his neck for who knows how long. He also had an extremely damaged and infected eye,” Campagna wrote on Facebook about the rescue.

After Tupper was trapped and named, he was brought to a local animal hospital where the lid was removed. Tupper also received emergency care for his other health issues, including his wounded eye. Campagna believes the feline will ultimately lose the injured eye.

Nathan Campagna/Facebook

The good news is that Tupper is now off the street and is expected to make a full recovery. Once the cat is fully healed, Animal Control plans to put Tupper up for adoption, especially since he is an affectionate cat. Tupper’s attitude could mean he used to be someone’s pet and was later abandoned.

Providence Animal Control posted Tupper’s story on their own Facebook as a reminder to everyone to be responsible about what they throw away.

“No matter what you throw away, if there is an opening, an animal will put its head through! Always make a cut in anything circular before throwing it out (cereal containers like this one, yogurt cups, soda can rings, those silly plastic rings on milk jugs … you get the idea and it only take a second!),” Animal Control wrote in their post.

Tupper is not up for adoption yet, but if you would like to help cover his mounting medical expenses, you can donate to Providence Animal Control on Facebook.

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