November 18, 2015 05:59 PM

The day we catch up with Cat Greenleaf on the phone, there’s a faint sound in the background. We would have just shrugged it off if Greenleaf hadn’t remarked, “She’s snoring like a foghorn … want to hear it?”

She is Gracie, Greenleaf’s bulldog and, well, coworker. Gracie is a fixture (ahem, co-host, according to her Tumblr) on Talk Stoop, where she mingles with celebs as they chat with her mom at their Brooklyn brownstone.

Although we were unable to interview Gracie herself — we don’t speak dog … yet — we asked Greenleaf, who also has two other dogs, to give us the real talk: What would Gracie tell us if we asked her what she knows about Greenleaf?

She knows Gracie is the true star (you know, it’s Gracie’s world and we’re just living in it): “She pushes her way into whatever room I’m in. She just has to be the center of attention,” Greenleaf tells PEOPLE.

They like to get glam together: While Greenleaf preps for Talk Stoop with her hair and makeup team, Gracie can be a bit of a … diva. (Hey, we don’t blame her — we’re mostly just surprised she doesn’t have her own glam squad.) Gracie loves being a part of all the action, so her team puts a little powder right on her nose.

Her guilty pleasure is perfect for Gracie’s love of chilling at home“I love watching television, and I don’t mean like here and there. I mean, like, I will devour entire series.” On her DVR: HomelandBlue Bloods and Nashville.

She discovered the secret for being the best dog mom ever: Two words: elbow rubs. “She passes out instantly,” Greenleaf says. “It’s just our thing.”

At the end of the day, celebs really just want a selfie with Gracie: “I do think there is something to be said for what we’re able to get out of people because they feel comfy to have her around,” she says. “Every celebrity just wants a picture with her. The funniest is when they want to take a selfie with Gracie and I’m not invited. And that’s everybody. Adds Greenleaf: “I’m cool with it!”

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