Tink went from the runt of the litter to a proud new mom in just one year

Tink was looking to give birth this week, but she wasn’t going to settle for any old blanket: she wanted to do it somewhere special.

So the momma cat plopped herself down in front of her owners’ Christmas tree and welcomed four early presents into the world. According to BuzzFeed, Tink’s owners named the kittens Noel, Joy, Christmas and Faith. Dad is the family’s other cat, Sagwa.

This moment is especially important for Tink after her not-so-magical start to life. A little over one year ago, she was born the runt of the litter in a stray cat family. The tiny, emaciated kitty would not have lasted on her own, but thankfully she was saved by her forever family and nursed back to health.

Now, the strong new mom is celebrating the joy of new life with four healthy babies.

Tink’s owners plan to keep all of the kittens. And after celebrating this happy arrival, hopefully of these felines with get neutered and spayed.