Dolly the kitten has decided to embrace a tight situation

By Kelli Bender
June 10, 2017 09:00 AM
Instagram: Audrey Gelman

Sometimes you can surprise yourself.

Dolly the cat thought she wouldn’t like sticking her face in a plastic cup, turns out she loves it!

Dolly’s mom, public relations consultant Audrey Gelman, decided to see just how curious her new kitty is, and set up a plastic cup for her to walk into and documented the results on Instagram. Dolly took the bait!

Instagram: Audrey Gelman

Now, at this point most cats would freak out, and immediately back out of the situation. Dolly embraced it, or more like kissed it. Once in the cup, Dolly couldn’t stop licking the inside, even coming out of the cup and then diving back in for more.

Instagram: Audrey Gelman

Gelman was appropriately surprised by her feline’s reaction to this clear cat trap.

Instagram/Audrey Gelman

So take a cue from Dolly, and try something new, even if it spooks you a bit. There’s a chance you might love it.