A cat in New Hampshire is lucky to be alive after getting himself stuck on a pond

By Karen Mizoguchi
January 25, 2018 09:44 PM

This little guy is certainly down one of his nine lives.

A cat in New Hampshire is lucky to be alive after getting himself stuck on a pond.

Firefighters rescued the long-haired cat from Country Pond in Newton on Thursday, and shared the paws-itively heartwarming details of the rescue on Facebook along with the photo of the chilly but alive cat.

“It did not fall through the ice but was frozen to the surface of the ice,” the Newton Police Department wrote. “The Animal Control Officer and Newton Fire Dept. brought out some warm water which we poured around the cat to melt the ice and set its paws, belly and tail free.”

Authorities suspect it laid down in the sun Wednesday and wound up frozen into a layer of ice on the pond.

The brown and gray cat was brought to the New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Stratham.

“Other residents have called and said that they’ve seen the cat in the neighborhood and believe it is feral. It is non-neutered male and its fur appeared matted and un-kept,” the police department wrote. “We’re looking for the owners simply because we won’t keep the cat forever. It will be adopted out eventually.”

Newton firefighter-EMT Sean Kane also recalled finding the cat with The Boston Globe.

“The cat’s two back paws and tail were frozen into the ice. It had a big piece of ice chunk on its back. But it was alive,” Kane said.