July 31, 2015 03:35 PM

Two fishermen saved a cat’s life on Tuesday.

Masslive.com reports that two unidentified rescuers spotted a feline by the Westfield River in Massachusetts with her front paws bound by a zip-tie and called animal control for help.

The cat, now named River, was taken in by the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter, who shared in a Facebook post that the feline was able to sit up and walk a few steps after she was freed.

“We are keeping her as comfortable as possible,” said the post. “She is going back to the vet to get her re-evaluated.”

Late Thursday, the shelter reported that River was back in the hospital. “This morning we were quite concerned about her feet so she went back to the vet to be rechecked,” the Facebook update said. “The vet thought it best to keep her overnight to monitor and address her feet issues. We continue to hope for the best. Please send good thoughts her way.”

UPDATE ON OUR LITTLE RIVER GIRL!!!She is able to sit up and walk a few steps. We are keeping her as comfortable as…

Posted by Westfield Regional Animal Shelter on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The cat’s story prompted over 100 Facebook comments of support. “Poor little girl, many wishes sent ur way,” said one. “Hang in there princess.”

Animal control officers are treating River’s case as an act of animal cruelty. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Westfield Animal Control at 413-564-3129.

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