Stray cat named Coco pops up at UK shelter with plentiful paws.

By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2008 09:51 PM

There’s something really wild about a black cat that was taken in by a shelter in Dursley, England – it has 26 toes! For real! The kitty, named Coco, is “polydactyl,” or has more than the normal amount of digits.

Here’s a breakdown of Coco’s plentiful paws: she has four normal claws and one dewclaw with three claws in the pads on her front feet, and five claws at the back, the BBC says.

Coco and her extra fingers are being taken care of by a volunteer at the Stroud Cats Protection while they try to identify her owner. If no owner is found she’ll be up for adoption. Any one in the market for a polydactyl puss?