The cat was seeking shelter from the cold and found himself caught in the ice

By Kelli Bender
Updated December 05, 2016 04:03 PM

In the Urals, things get freezing — actually— below freezing, fairly often.

On recent day in the city of Zlatoust, temperatures dropped to -31 Fahrenheit. Hoping to find protection from the bitter blast, a stray cat decided to take shelter under the car of Sergey Baranov and his wife Yelena, reports The Siberian Times.

Warm enough under the car, the feline went to sleep and awoke later to find his paws frozen to the ground, surrounded by six centimeters of hard snow. Things seemed bleak for the innocent animal until the Baranovs spied the cat under their car and immediately sprang into action.

Seregy stayed with the shivering feline, who had ice frozen to his whiskers, while his wife ran to and from their nearby home with warm buckets of water to free the feline. It took seven buckets of water to safely remove the kitty’s front and back paws from the icy ground. The couple filmed the entire rescue to show how cold it gets in their town and how these temperatures can affect animals who aren’t cared for properly.

After carefully removing the cat, the Baranovs wrapped him in a thick, warm blanket, brought him home and called a vet for help. The vet made a house call to check on the feline, who was still having trouble moving his paws.

Sergey told The Siberian Times that the doctor gave the cat an anti-inflammatory shot to help with its movement, and that the rescued kitty started walking again that evening.

Once the cat started to easily move around on his own, the couple posted an adoption announcement online and quickly received a response from a woman who lives nearby. The young feline easily adapted to his new home and is said to be running and jumping around, his day stuck to the ground a distant memory.