Misty’s original owner thought their cat was snatched up by a coyote

By Kelli Bender
July 25, 2016 09:14 PM

After an 11 year vacation, Misty the cat is back home.

The gray beauty disappeared from her house in Portland, Oregon, in 2005, according to KGW.

Her owners, Dean McCrea and Meredith Warren, searched for the feline, but had no luck. After weeks of fruitless efforts, the owners resigned themselves to the idea that Misty had been picked up by a coyote that killed a neighborhood cat earlier that year.

Whatever picked up Misty, it wasn’t a coyote. Because the cat recently popped up at the Multnomah County Animal Shelter. She looked healthy, happy and in search of a new home. A quick scan of her microchip, however, revealed the curious cat already had a family.

The shelter called up Misty’s owners, who were shocked to hear their long-lost feline was coming home.

Luckily, the transition back to her roots hasn’t been too hard on Misty.

“She doesn’t seemed stressed. She’s very sweet, just purrs and purrs,” Warren said.

Since it appears the cat hasn’t missed many meals, McCrea and Warren think another family might have picked Misty up after she first disappeared. While the feline’s original owners obviously want to keep the cat, they would be willing to talk about ownership with another family, if one comes forward.

For now, Misty and her original pet parents are catching up on the 11 years of cuddles they have missed.