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A kitty in Helena, Montana, had a pretty crummy Valentine’s Day, spending the weekend stuck in a tough spot.

Sometime on Friday, Ryilee Stratton’s feline scurried up a local transmission pole and then refused to come down, reports KXLH.

Locals believe the gray and white kitty may have sought out the high spot to escape a group of neighborhood dogs.

Stratton, 11, quickly spotted her pet’s predicament, but had trouble getting the cat back on the ground. Stratton and her family contacted NorthWestern Energy, the company in charge of the poles, for assistance, but the company wasn’t initially willing to help until Monday.

After 24 hours, Stratton’s kitty was still stuck and neighbors were starting to get frustrated with NorthWestern Energy for not rescuing the feline, who was stuck out in the elements atop the high-voltage pole.

On Sunday, the company posted to Facebook that they were planning to retrieve the cat, saying, “We are working on a plan to help the stranded cat. We are concerned about the safety of the cat and how it might react to our crew. An outage in the area is possible at some point.”

Shortly after the post went up, a crew came out to the pole. NorthWestern Energy sent a bucket truck and several employees to help the pet down. The company was able to avoid cutting the electricity during the rescue by redirecting the power to sub stations.

Workers removed the feline from its perch and brought it safely back to land without incident.

Stratton is now reunited with her beloved cat, who she says is the friendliest of all her pet kitties.

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