The owners of Max the cat are now planning on keeping their fur baby indoors

By Robyn Merrett
January 13, 2020 06:34 PM

Don’t mess with Max the cat!

The brave feline, who lives in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park, is being praised for his fearlessness after he fought off a trio of vicious coyotes that were trying to attack him in his own backyard.

The harrowing incident unfolded last Wednesday night when Max’s owner Maya Gurrin and her husband were watching a movie and noticed “a shadow of a tail” outside of their home, Gurrin told CBS Los Angeles.

When the couple went to check the porch they were stunned to find Max was being cornered by three coyotes.

“[They] were completely surrounding him,” Gurrin explained to the news outlet, adding that she then quickly shooed the wild animals away.

However, when Gurrin went back inside to view her security footage she saw that Max had been involved in a standoff with the coyotes long before she intervened.

Cat Fights Off Three Coyotes
Credit: CBS LA

“I couldn’t believe it,” Gurrin told CBS Los Angeles. “We’re still shocked.”

In the clip — obtained by PEOPLE — Max is seen standing his ground as the coyotes attempted to gang up on him all at once. Despite the terrifying circumstances, Max didn’t back down and even pounced toward the animals as they tried to get closer.

Max’s courage appeared to take the coyotes by surprise as they were seen backing up after Max didn’t surrender.

“He’s always been crazy. If this were to happen to any cat, it would be him,” Gurrin told CBS Los Angeles.

While Max may be able hold his own, Gurrin and her husband are taking precautionary measures to make sure Max never finds himself in this predicament again. Gurrin explained to CBS Los Angeles that her fur baby will now spend most of his days inside.

“You don’t see videos like that,” Gurrin told CBS Los Angeles. “You see them getting eaten. It could have been so different. We’re so lucky.”