June 20, 2017 11:42 AM

While taking in the sights, a tourist saved a life.

A woman named Amy Marie, who traveled to Tampa Bay from Michigan, jumped into the Hillsborough River on Saturday to save a cat that had fallen from a bridge, according to KARE 11, who reported the story and obtained video of the rescue.

In the footage, she is seen leisurely paddling on the river on a water bike when suddenly the cat falls from the bridge above and into the water.

“I was like, ‘I just need to jump in,'” Marie said in another video in which she explained her lack of hesitation.  “There’s no question. I just had to get it.  I don’t know how it would have gotten out, if not.”

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Amy Marie swam with the cat back to her water bike, where it jumped into the water again, but she didn’t give up on the kitty. She was able to bring it to safety and a couple of boaters who helped that day have adopted the feline, KARE said.

People watching the rescue immediately deemed the tourist-turned-rescuer a “cat hero” and could be heard clapping in the background as the scene unfolded.

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