This toy is the #1 guaranteed thing in our house to wear out the cat and leave her napping for hours on end afterwards”

By Christina Butan
August 29, 2019 02:49 PM
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We all know Amazon is the go-to place to find the best dog products (like this indestructible chew toy), but it’s also become a hot spot for some of the best cat supplies and accessories.. One of the most popular cat categories on the retail giant is toys, of course, where cat owners are leaving thousands of enthusiastic reviews on catnip-filled mice and interactive puzzle toys their feline companions love. The best part? Tons of the most popular toys are dirt cheap — like this cat wand that you can snag for just $1.30.

You’ve probably seen the Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy at your local pet store — the classic toy has actually been around for over 20 years. Since its launch, the nimble wire dancer has created quite the cult following for its universal cat appeal  and extremely low price. There isn’t much to the wand: It’s just a thin 30-inch steel wire with a few rolled cardboard cylinders attached at the end. Despite coming with no frills, like feathers or catnip, the toy  has racked up over 3,400 positive reviews from shoppers who say it’s the only cat toy that keeps their cat swatting and playing for hours.

Buy It! Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy, $1.30 (orig. $2.99);

“I’ve spent so much money on expensive cat toys, teasers, etc, and was very disappointed in myself when I learned how absolutely wild my cats go over the $1 Cat Dancer. Somehow, this long piece of wire with a few small pieces of cardboard is better than catnip to them — it doesn’t matter what else they’re doing (e.g., eating, staring at birds, etc.), how recently we’ve played with it, they both go crazy whenever the Cat Dancer comes out,” wrote one shopper. “Honestly, even my large, super lazy, and uncoordinated cat stands at attention when this appears and starts jumping, flipping, and swatting the air as soon as the Cat Dancer is going. He doesn’t even spend time trying to attack his sibling while we’re playing with the Cat Dancer. In sum, you really can’t go wrong with this one, and even if your cat somehow doesn’t love the Cat Dancer, the worst thing you have to worry about is being out $1.”

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Shoppers especially love the toy because they don’t have to do anything for their cat to play with it — their pets still go nuts for it even if it’s just hanging from somewhere because one swat alone will send the wire into a bouncing frenzy. 

Another customer wrote, “I can’t even unloop this toy — or let it make the slightest sound — without my 9-year-old cat running in from wherever she is (how does she even HEAR it from across the house?!) and wanting to play. We do 10-minute or so sessions once or twice a day every couple of days and she’s a happy camper. She will even come find me and whine in order to play. And it’s the laziest toy for me to use, because at the absolute least I can just park it in the space between the sofa cushions and let it hang and she’ll play! Absolutely worth every penny.”

If you’ve been looking for the perfect cat toy, the Cat Dancer just might be it — and for just $1.30, you can’t really go wrong!