Cat Cruelly Wrapped In Duct Tape Is 'Purring Through' Ordeal, Rescuers Say

The feline, now named Ronnie, is recovering at a Michigan animal clinic

Northern Michigan’s News Leader

A cat that was wrapped in duct tape and left for dead is recovering at the Grand Traverse Veterinary Hospital in Traverse City, Michigan.

Authorities are trying to find the person who wrapped the animal in layers of tape — on its head, chest, both front and back legs — and dumped the cat in a backyard on Monday, according to 9 & 10 News, who reported the cat’s story.

“I could tell that the cat was very close to death,” said Grand Traverse County animal control officer, Deb Zerafa, who spoke to the station. “I drove very, very quickly to the Grand Traverse Veterinary Clinic and went in and said I need help now and a flurry of activity came from the back.”

Hours later, the duct tape —which caused infections on the cat’s chest, the station said— was removed and, thanks to the help of many rescuers, the cat, now named Ronnie, is expected to pull through.

A Facebook live video shot by 7 & 4 News reporter Gabriella Pagan showed Ronnie in stable condition on Tuesday (Dr. Jane Alexander, the vet speaking in the video, said the cat was “loaded with fleas” and had a tumor on his ear as well).

“He has the best heart and he has a will to live,” Alexander said while petting the cat, “and we plan on doing surgery on him to remove the tumor on his ear as soon as he is stable enough to undergo surgery. That will take a while.”

In the meantime, Alexander told Pagan that Ronnie is receiving fluids, antibiotics, and pain medication for comfort.

“He is eating very well and purring through this whole ordeal,” she added.

If you’d like to donate funds for the cat’s surgery or continued care, call the Grand Traverse Veterinary Clinic at 231-946-3770.

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