Baseball Blunders: Cat Crashes Yankee Stadium, Praying Mantis Sits Atop Nationals Player's Hat

Monday saw two separate instances of more than just human players on the baseball field

Baseball Blunders
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Creatures of all kinds are taking over the mound.

Monday saw two separate instances of more than just human players on the baseball field — with a stray cat crashing the game at Yankee Stadium and a large praying mantis making an appearance at the Washington National's matchup against the Philadelphia Phillies.

During the New York Yankees' game against the Baltimore Orioles in New York City, play was briefly halted in the bottom of the eighth when a cat had wandered onto the field.

In video shared on social media, grounds crew members can be seen chasing the elusive feline around the field. At one point, the cat appears to be surrounded but manages to evade capture — prompting the crowd to cheer "MVP" as it dashed away.

"Look at this thing go! It's faster than anybody on the Yankees," Orioles broadcaster Kevin Brown joked during the game. "Somebody's gotta get the cat."

While four-legged animal wasn't a black cat, it proved to be somewhat unlucky for the Yankees. The team lost on their home turf 7-1.

Over in Washington, D.C., the Nationals saw a different type of critter when a praying mantis landed on Victor Robles' cap while he was in the dugout.

It was unclear if Robles, 24, knew the insect was on him at the time, but the bug did not leave — even as outfielder hit the field during the ninth inning.

In fact, the praying mantis continued to remain on Robles even after Phillies scored three runs to take the lead.

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"Whatever you do, don't tell Victor Robles that he's playing CF with a praying mantis on his head," the team tweeted alongside a video of the bug sitting atop of the athlete's head.

The Nationals also posted several pictures of Robles with his new companion. "Some days you're the bug, some days you're the windshield," the team wrote on Twitter.

Sadly, like the Yankees, the creature didn't assist in the home team winning. The Nationals lost their game against the Phillies 7-5.

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