"The things our patrol officers see at 4 a.m... cat 1, coyote 0," the British Columbia's Port Moody Police Department wrote on Twitter

A viral video from British Columbia, Canada, appears to be a scene ripped right out of Looney Tunes.

The clip captured by the Port Moody Police Department shows a coyote lurking around a parking lot at night, before a stray black cat jumps out from under a parked car and chases the wild animal away.

"The things our patrol officers see at 4am... cat 1, coyote 0. #portmoody #neveradullmoment @PMPDcat," they wrote, sharing the video Friday on Twitter. The post has since surpassed 20,000 views.

"Wile E. Coyote found out Sylvester has a temper," wrote one Twitter follower. "This is why I prefer cats to dogs," wrote another.

There was concern in the tweet's replies that the coyote was part of a pack and luring the cat away to an ambush, as they've been known to do. But the police department assured followers that the cat was unharmed.

"Thankfully that's not the case," they wrote in response to the concerns.

"We followed the lone coyote out of the area," the reply explained. "And the same cat was seen doing it's [sic] rounds in the parking lot again this early morning!"

Coyote sightings have become common in British Columbia, with the Stanley Park Ecology Society reporting more than 40 sightings in Vancouver this month, including at least three aggressive interactions.

The British Columbia government has published resources on coyote sightings — noting that they "are generally not a threat to humans" — and provided a list of safety precautions people can take if they cross paths with one of the animals.

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"Wild coyotes are naturally curious animals, however, they are timid and will usually run away if challenged," the website reads. "Coyotes start posing a risk to people when they lose their wariness and become comfortable around humans — this is usually a result of direct or indirect feeding by humans."