Paul Severn/Getty
September 20, 2016 04:32 PM

There’s a thief on the green in Suffolk, England.

Golfers playing at the Aldeburgh Golf Club are on high alert for a ball-stealing feline named Merlin, who’s been spotted carrying away balls from the 14th hole there — in his mouth.

The BBC reports that a sign on the notice board at the golf club warns: “A large brown colored Burmese cat has been seen picking up and carrying away golf balls in the vicinity of the 14th hole.”

“Where this has been witnessed or when it is virtually certain that a ball has disappeared from the closely-mown surfaces, a substitute ball may be dropped,” it says.

A substitute ball may be used “without penalty,” unless it is in the rough, the message continues.

The cat’s owner, Peter Bryson, who lives near the club, told the BBC that Merlin has brought home up to 6 balls a day, and that there are approximately 30 in his collection. Bryson believes the golf balls remind Merlin of his another favorite toy: ping pong balls.

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