May 18, 2015 03:00 PM

Most cats proudly bring home little “gifts” of mouse corpses and bird heads or random pieces of garbage they’ve found in their travels.

For perhaps the first time ever, a cat – named Hobnob – brought home a gift that was actually enticing: a cheese omelette. Amber J. Cobb, Hobnob’s owner, posted the following note on the wall of the Facebook group Crazy Cat Ladies in April: “Speechless, Hobnob has brought the usual cat things home mice, bird but this morning he came through the cat flap making enough noise to wake the dead and presented us with a warm cheese omlette, goodness knows where he stole it from xx.”

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While Cobb told The Mirror she has no idea where Hobnob procured the breakfast entrée, she acknowledged her cat has a mischievous streak, admitting he has a history of “going into people’s houses and having to be chased out.” Hobnob is a rescue cat, who Cobb described as “very loving and well worth the trouble he has caused.”

We’re left with one burning question: Did Cobb eat the omelette?

“The omelette is in the bin and thankfully he hasn’t brought anything else strange home!”

Seems like a missed opportunity.

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