Cat Agility Is Real and Your Kitty Can Do It

Find out how a 2-liter soda bottle can help your cat become an agility champion

You’ve seen dogs jump through hoops and weave through poles.

Perhaps you’ve even watched canine agility competitions on TV with your cat by your side, and have said to your feline, “You wouldn’t be caught dead doing that.”

Here’s the thing: Cats – new, old, purebred, rescue – are all capable of learning a few tricks.

Just like dogs, cats have their own agility competitions. The largest one, The Cat Fancier’s Association International Cat Show, is this weekend in Portland, Oregon.

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And there is no reason your cat shouldn’t try out for next year’s big event. To help you and your kitty on this quest for greatness, Royal Canin, which sponsors the CFA International Cat Show, has some tips to get you started.

Watch the video above to find out how a two-liter soda bottle and a little bit of hope can help your feline become an agility master.

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