March 28, 2016 09:59 PM

A Swedish cat is taking some unusual babies under her furry wing. 

While she doesn’t have real wings of her own, one-year-old Elsa has decided to adopted two chicks as her children. According to The Local, Elsa’s owner Ingela Ljung, who runs a farm in Strömstad in western Sweden, recently welcomed two new chicks to her family and was keeping them in her home for protection. On March 22, the feline took an interest in the new arrivals, but not in the way Ljung expected. 

“She was walking around meowing last night, and honestly being a right pain, when she heard them chirp. I thought she wanted to eat them, it’s food to her,” Ljung told The Local on Wednesday. “But then I thought, okay fine, I’ll let her closer so she can look at them.”

Instead of trying to bite the babies, Elsa carefully picked up the chicks by the neck — as if they were kittens — brought them over to the couch and started cleaning them. 

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They trio has been a family ever since. Ljung says Elsa spent the rest of Easter week purring and coddling the chicks.

The owner is still unsure if she will let the pseudo mom hang on to the birds (especially since Elsa keeps trying to get the birds to suckle), but is worried the cat will be devastated if she tries takes her new babies away.

For now, Ljung is letting Elsa enjoy motherhood, no matter how unusual it is. 

“She seems to be completely convinced that they are her kittens. It’s so cute I tear up, but it also looks so strange,” the owner said. 

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