Carrie Preston & Michael Emerson: Our Dog Brought Us Together

The actors are enjoying their big city life with rescue pooch Chumley

Over a little show called Lost, married actors Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston ended up spending the better part of four and a half years apart. Emerson (a.k.a Benjamin Linus) needed to be on location in Hawaii, while Preston stayed in New York City.

Now that the drama’s been off the air for over a year, they’ve had some quality time to bond with each other – and their rescue dog, Chumley.

The True Blood star said her husband’s latest TV project, the CBS drama Person of Interest, was a perfect fit for the family, because it meant he could play another interesting character while staying close to home with their dog, who they rescued from a shelter a year ago.

“He’s been really wanting to spend time with me and Chumley,” said Preston. “It is exciting because he’s shooting a show in our primary residency, New York City. That’s our home base.”

It may be an exciting time, but Chumley, who was named after an old New York City speakeasy, might not be one to show it.

“He’s a serious little guy,” Preston said of the 2-year-old pooch. “He’s playful because he’s a poodle, but, yeah, he takes life very seriously. So he fits right in with us.”

Added Emerson, “He’s very sober. He’s like a little old man dog.”

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