Carrie Ann Inaba – and Her Three Rescue Dogs – Are Huge 'Game of Thrones' Fans!

"We get on the sofa and it's Game of Thrones time," says Carrie Ann Inaba

Photo: Photograph by Meredith Jenks

Carrie Ann Inaba had already rescued her 10-year-old chow chow/Chihuahua/pug mix, Peanut, when she was introduced to Lola and Buddy, now both 2 and half years old.

“One of the organizations I work with sent me a picture of these two dogs that needed to be adopted out, but they were going to separate them,” the Dancing With the Stars judge, 48, tells PEOPLE. “I looked at them and I was like, ‘They only have each other in this world.’ “

Inaba (who is wearing a T-shirt from Dirtee Hollywood’s The Animal Project collection) was planning on fostering them until she could find a home that would take both pups.

“But as soon as I fostered them, I failed at the foster, and I now have three dogs!” she says.

Peanut has established herself as “the ringleader in our house,” says Inaba. “She always seems to be thinking and concerned about everybody’s welfare. I related to that, and I wanted to take care of her so that she wouldn’t have to be always stressed about everybody.”

Lola, a Chihuahua mix, who is also part dachshund and dalmatian, is “feminine, cute and very flirtatious,” while Buddy, a terrier, is “just pure innocence.”

Even though it’s been over two years since Inaba – who founded The Animal Project Foundation to support the rescue, welfare and well being of animals – rescued Buddy and Lola from the streets of Compton, California, they still always have each other’s back.

“Their loyalty to each other was something that I thought was really impressive, so I always wanted to make sure that I could keep them together,” says Inaba. “Even to this day, if Buddy leaves the room, or if they get separated, Lola cries. It’s so cute.”

One thing all the dogs love is watching Game of Thrones.

“We get on the sofa and it’s Game of Thrones time,” says Inaba. “We binge watch it all the time. That’s what we do, that’s our favorite thing.”

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