Lily Tomlin and Carl Reiner are also featured in the PSA for The Grey Muzzle Organization

By Kelli Bender
December 20, 2019 05:19 PM

Like any stage of life, growing old has its ups and downs.

“The best thing is getting into the movies cheaper,” Lily Tomlin says of aging in a new PSA for The Grey Muzzle Organization, where she is joined be fellow comedy legends Bob Newhart, Carl Reiner and Carol Burnett.

“I’m 90, but I still feel like I am 30 … except when I try to run,” Newhart adds in the same spot.

The four actors are speaking candidly about senior life to raise awareness for senior dogs, because “growing old is not a death sentence,” as Newhart puts it, but unfortunately for many senior dogs it is.

“Many older dogs are surrendered to shelters because their owners have passed away or couldn’t afford their care,” Burnett says in the PSA.

“And for some of them there are no more options,” Newhart continues.

To provide these innocent animals with options and for a chance at finding a forever family, these four stars are supporting The Grey Muzzle Organization, an animal welfare organization that provides grants to animal rescue and shelters dedicated to caring for senior pets.

With this support, the rescues and shelters are able to take in more senior dogs, provide these canines with medial care and find them homes that want to make their final chapter the best one yet.

To learn more about The Grey Muzzle Organization and how you can help senior dogs, visit the organizations’s website, and think about adopting a senior dog.

“They will be so grateful,” Tomlin adds.