The pooch has two new siblings, including a deaf Yorkshire terrier

By Amy Jamieson
Updated September 02, 2016 03:48 PM

Forever came quickly for Carmelo.

The pooch, who received lots of sympathy online after his blind owner was forced to give him up to a shelter because she could no longer care for him, has found a great place to spend forever.

Nelson Kempsky, a retired attorney, and Sandy Wellington, a former California Highway Patrol administrator, are the dog’s new owners, according to the The Sacramento Bee. They told the newspaper their hearts went out to the caramel-colored spaniel, who is both blind and deaf, when they learned of his heart-breaking story.

Carmelo’s former owner, Marilyn Crisp, was robbed of her sight by cataracts which she developed a few years ago and recently decided she could no longer care for the beloved pooch that she adopted as a puppy. Family members had helped her with the dog, but when her fiancé died and her son moved out, dog ownership became too difficult to handle.

Crisp made the heartbreaking decision to give the dog up to the Front Street Animal Shelter of Sacramento and he was later scooped up by the NorCal Cocker Rescue of Shingle Springs, California.

Carmelo will have two new siblings — two elderly Yorkshire terriers, one of whom is deaf and losing his sight – and The Sacramento Bee says the dog’s new Elk Grove home is pooch-proofed and will be easy for him to navigate.

“He’s just lovely,” Kempsky said. “He’s even better than I expected him to be. He’s curious and energetic and he’s going to be a lot of fun.”