'Careers for Your Cat' Gets Kitty Off the Couch and Into the Office

Tongue-in-cheek new book brings Meowers-Briggs test to the masses

Have you ever thought about what your cat would do with his life if he had to have a job? Would he be better as a janitor, or a lawyer? A product tester or a politician?

There’s an app – er, aptitude test – for that, and it’s in Ann Dziemianowicz’s new book, Careers for Your Cat.

The ersatz feline career counselor and real-life author has developed what she calls the Meowers-Briggs career/personality test – a nod to The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality questionnaire – and now you and your cat can take it, too.

How did it all happen? A few years ago, Dziemianowicz imagined that a gorgeous, soft-coated Persian cat named Bubbles came slinking into her Manhattan office.

The cat was clashing with her owner, who felt that Bubbles was sleeping too much at 17 hours a day, while the owner was working endless hours to provide for her pet. Something had to be done.

Dziemianowicz, who chronicles Bubbles’ and other fictitious cats’ stories in Careers for Your Cat, understood perfectly. Early in the ’90s, she had struggled to support her three “very unmotivated and entitled kitties,” and developed an aptitude test to analyze what their best job would be based on each cat’s unique traits.

“It was kind of a shame, you know?” Dziemianowicz tells PEOPLEPets.com. “Basically, all they did was sleep. I could tell that they had skills that they weren’t using.”

Through her Meowers-Briggs test, which includes questions like “When greeted by a dog, how do you react?” and “What do you do in the quiet hours before bed?”, she helped her own three cats find their career callings. One was purrfect for law enforcement, another was cut out for the catering business and the third was destined to be a lounge act in Las Vegas.

Bubbles, too, found success after consulting with Dziemianowicz. Her type turned out to be “intellectual extrovert,” and she had advertising executive written all over her.

“People had always appreciated Bubbles for her beauty before, and not her brains,” Dziemianowicz says. “She was very pleased.”

Want to find your cat’s personality type and ideal career? For Dziemianowicz’s advice and her patented Meowers-Briggs test, check out Careers for Your Cat, which is on sale now.

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