The film feline has quickly become an Internet celebrity, even getting his own Twitter hashtag: #GoosetheCat

The character posters for Captain Marvel — the next movie to come from the expansive Marvel Universe — have arrived.

Among them are superhero shots of all the film’s stars: Brie Larson, Jude Law, Samuel L. Jackson and … Goose the cat?

That’s right: the feline character from the film, played by a handsome orange tabby, got a snazzy shot of his own. The red-and-blue poster has cat lovers on the Internet purring with delight and Marvel fans guessing at what role Goose plays in the new movie that is significant enough to snag him such a coveted spot in the film’s promotion. The kitty even has his own Twitter hashtag.

Credit: Marvel Studios

As the precious pet of Larson’s character Carol Danvers, Goose likely has some world-saving abilities hiding behind his furry, sweet face.

Goose’s rapidly growing number of admirers can get all the answers when Captain Marvel premieres in theaters nationwide on March 8. For those who need more Goose right MEOW, there is plenty of Captain Marvel merchandise featuring the feline.