June 02, 2016 06:39 PM

Scootch closer, animal lovers. It’s time for another tale from the always heartwarming interspecies friendship storybook.

Today’s cuddle comrades are Bella the dog from Saskatoon, Canada, and Eclipso the abandoned kitten. According to CBC, the tiny black cat was found while Rachelle Lietz was visiting her family in Manitou Bay. She spotted the kitten on the side of the road and instantly knew Eclipso was coming home with her.

Back at the homestead, Lietz introduced the scrawny newcomer to Bella. The owner was intially worried her dog might not get along with the kitten, especially since Bella had trouble accepting her own puppies and letting them nurse.

“They were all healthy, but she got sick a little while after and she couldn’t eat enough food to feed them, so then the grandma, Pandora — she lives with my parents— she started lactating and feeding the puppies,” Lietz told CBC about the five pup litter Bella had a year ago.

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Apparently Bella was just biding her time for a baby in need, because the pup warmed to the kitten as quickly as Lietz did. Just a few moments after being introduced, the mother dog allowed Eclipso to nuzzle close and nurse.

Lietz says the dog now spends full afternoons caring for and feeding the kitten, without charging any kind of babysitting fee.

Unfortunately, Bella and Eclipso’s bond will become long distance at some point.

Since Lietz is allergic to cats, she will not be able to keep Eclipso once the kitten is a little more independent. The owner is going to take time to find the perfect home for the little one, which will hopefully be close enough for Bella to make routine visits.

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