Canadian Man Says His Cat Detected His Lung Cancer

Lionel Adams says his cat Tiger alerted him to the cancerous tumor in his lung.

In many cases, a CAT scan can detect if a person has cancer. In Lionel Adams’ case, his cat Tiger detected it. “I get a little emotional when I think about it…as far as I’m concerned, he saved my life,” Adams told The Calgary Sun.

Adams said that his 8-year-old kitty (above), who was never much of a cuddler, began to paw at his left side about seven months ago. “He would climb into bed and take his paw and drag it down my left side – he was adamant there was something there,” he told FOX News. “And it was right where the cancer was.”

Later, during a routine exam, an x-ray showed that Adams had a tumor in his left lung, which he has since had surgery to remove. Recent studies have shown that dogs have the ability to detect cancer but it’s rare to hear of cats doing so. In 2006, National Geographic reported that ordinary household dogs learned to accurately distinguish between breath samples of lung- and breast-cancer patients and healthy subjects.

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